Thanks for stopping by. I am blogging about life as a 20-something living and working in New York City while continuously finding balance between being a social butterfly and staying fit in this culinary mecca. It is so easy and convenient to order in food but it’s really not the best choice. While Thai is most likely my favorite Seamless Web splurge (that’s an online order/delivery service for those of you who do not live in a major city), I try to only order it once, okay maybe twice, a month. The extremely dangerous part is the convenience of the smartphone App. For example, just after you get out of the subway you can click away, order your food, and meet the delivery man at your front door – yes, truly dangerous. One of many great things about New York is the endless possibilities for a “foodie.” Yes there are thousands of terrible things you can choose but there are just as many choices that won’t make you feel as if you are looking into one of those carnival distortion mirrors. If you don’t believe me, just walk around residential New York for ten minutes and look at all the beautiful, tall and skinny women and men who strut down the street as if they were on a Jason Wu runway at Fashion Week!

I stay in shape by way of CrossFit (a fairly new activity that you can read about here) and Vinyasa Yoga. CrossFit replaced hours spent on the stairmaster, in spin class, lifting weights, using medicine balls, doing endless planks and the like. It is truly a wonderfully addictive way to work out and meet like-minded, extremely fun people! I have recently gone through a couple major health developments but more on that in the future.

As I continue to update you on the balance of living a healthy lifestyle in the city I hope you will check back often, give me any feedback and ask as many questions as you’d like.

Welcome to my little slice of life!

Pictures to come soon. Patience, my friend.

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