Life Changes.

So I was craving excitement in my life. And what do I do when I need excitement? I usually make a [major] life change or do some super intense form of exercise. This time I opted for the work out, but I will tell you I narrowly escaped the major life change. I love exercise, besides the physical benefits, it gives me that amazing high so many people can’t understand and makes me crave healthy food [yes, I am strange]. Instead of uprooting my life twice in less than one year, I decided to embark on a, hopefully, lifelong addiction to CrossFit! I have been thinking about it for a while, but always told myself it was too intense, I would probably hurt myself and I wouldn’t be able to lift the weights – heck, I can’t do a real pull up…yet! I knew, though, once I tried CrossFit I would be instantly hooked. Sure enough I was right. I like the motivation of friendly competition and being yelled at encouragingly to push through the pain/ complete the pushup as my arms are about to collapse. For those of you who don’t know what it is, take a look at this video…

CrossFit NYC gives free [ <— always a good thing] intro classes to the core elements of a CrossFit workout, also known as a WOD [Workout of the Day]. After my very first beginner class I could not walk down the stairs. Who can’t walk down the stairs? I felt muscles I didn’t know existed. I was instantly hooked. That first killer class, the one that made me wince when I stood up from a chair, was only a 16-minute workout consisting of the following:

8 Rounds* of Squats
8 Rounds* of CrossFit Pushups [a CF pushup is lowering your whole body to the floor so your chest touches and then picking your hands up off the floor, putting them back down and pushing yourself all the way back up]
8 Rounds* of Cross Fit Sit ups [used with an ab mat for support; butterfly your legs together so the bottoms of your feet touch and your legs ‘butterfly’ out; do a regular sit up but make sure the backs of your hands touch the floor and when you sit back up your fingers touch in front of your feet]
8 Rounds* of Burpees [Stand upright and in consecutive and fluid motions perform a squat and lower hands to ground, kick legs back into plank position, perform one CF pushup, quickly jump legs back into a squat transitioning into a jumping jack ending with a clap over your head – repeat]

*Note: One round is 20-seconds as many as possible followed by a 10-second rest. Each exercise is to be repeated continuously for 8 rounds.

Keep checking back for more updates! [There will be a pre CrossFit vs current CrossFit analysis]


~ by Hilary Walsh on March 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Life Changes.”

  1. OMG – the video seems to imply that if everything isn’t performed just right nasty things can happen to your bones, muscles, etc. I hope the worst thing that happens to you is that you have to wait to walk down the stairs….this does sound and look like your kind of exercise….Enjoy!!! Soon you will be a trainer!!!!! Love you, Gram

  2. GO FOR IT!

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