Reversing the Wintry Bluster.

*Apologies for posting this twice but it appears that the entire post was deleted.  Here it is again.


I took advantage of growing up in Florida.  All of the things I loathed about Florida are actually what I long for these days.  I, surprisingly, miss the humidity to keep my hair healthy and my skin naturally moisturized all year round (come summertime I know I’ll be cursing the thought of stepping out into the scorching heat and humidity, but for now, I miss it).  The endless amount of sun (hello, Vitamin D) always kept me happy with a perfect glow to my skin; now my see-through skin craves every ray of sun/heat that peaks through the wintry skies.  No amount of hot tea or vitamin D packed foods can substitute 15-minutes of Southwest Florida sun!

So what am I getting at?  This winter weather has left me knee-deep in empty bottles of Aveeno lotion while sporting one dead head of hair.  My curls are lifeless – they’ve lost their spunk, their bounce, their shine and their vibrancy.   If you don’t believe me just check out the photos below.

One would think I should go to a salon and get a hydrating mask or some sort of treatment done to my hair, however, A. I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a treatment for my head; B. there are a million excuses for not going; C. the truth is I refuse to put those chemicals on my head.  Those treatments essentially strip away the residue and grime of the winter environment.  Just check out any marketing ploy, they will straight up tell you that the treatment will “strip away the things that have left your hair feeling dry and frizzy and give your hair the boost it needs.”  I won’t fall for that.  I also don’t need any more chemicals in my body or want to pay that kind of money, so I created an at-home, do it yourself, all-natural revitalizing hair treatment that will “strip away” the unwanted damage to your locks and leave you feeling better than ever with a healthy and shiny mane!


Moisturizing Hair Treatment

For Dull/Frizzy/Damaged Hair:

1/2 Avocado
1/2 banana
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sour cream or yogurt (I used yogurt)
1 egg yolk
– Blend avocado, banana and olive oil. 
– By hand mix in yogurt and egg yolk.
-Apply to hair – add heavily to ends and midsection to ensure the oils and moisturizing agents rejuvenate the dullest areas of your hair.  But do not forget the top of your head, as the scalp benefits tremendously.
– Let sit for 20-30 min with heated towel.  Using a heated hand towel, loosely wrap your hair in the warm towel.  This will ensure/ aid in the penetration of nutrients into your scalp.  To heat your towel soak it in warm water then toss it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, depending on thickness.
– Rinse your head in coldish water and style normally.
*Your hair may feel/look a bit waxy the following day.  Not to worry though because just give it another rinse as normal and you’re good to go!
Benefits of each ingredient:
Avocado – Oils add shine and restores health to hair with vitamins and essentially fatty acids
Banana – Amino acids help to protect hair from being damaged from the environment (hello dry wintry blustery air)
Olive Oil – Great for extremely dry, brittle hair (perfect for curly hair ends that don’t get the moisture required); also helps to ensure protection after treatment
Sour Cream/ Yogurt – Moisturizes scalp to prevent flaking; helps add life to roots again.
Egg Yolk – proteins help nourish hair and repair damaged cuticles and brittle strands.

~ by Hilary Walsh on February 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Reversing the Wintry Bluster.”

  1. Also you can substitute mayo for the sour cream!! Gram
    Now you know what “us Northerners” have to put up with every year!!! LOL

  2. Why hello there gorgeous locks! Yowza!

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