Does the Toilette Spin in the Wrong Direction?: A Journey to the Southern Hemisphere.


Every time I have sat down to write this post nothing comes out.  Maybe because there is so much to say or maybe because the photos just don’t do this place justice, but I have been struggling immensely trying to put ink to the paper (or type to the screen).  So in lieu of a lengthy post I am going to break it up into a few posts, with not too much text – although, I can’t promise I won’t go off on a tangent every now and then.  A bit of background on the trip, I flew down for a ten day trip to visit a friend who lives in Uruguay.


Upon my arrival, we headed out to a beach town called Cabo Polonio.  It is located on the eastern coast of Uruguay, along the Southern Atlantic, in a region known as La Rocha.  Once you take a 4+ hour bus ride outside the capital city, Montevideo, you can either walk 45 minutes to get to the beach town or hop on a “buggy” that takes you into the center of this small town of about 100 houses.


We stayed in the tiny red house on the far left of the image.  The yellow/red dotted lines indicate specific routes you can either walk or take the buggy ride into “town”.


Our house was named ‘Lucifer’.


It was necessary to sleep under mosquito nets at night.  There are many hostels in the town, but we opted to rent a small cabin for a few nights – still an inexpensive option.


There is no potable water out in Cabo Polonio, so you have to first pump it from the earth, then you must boil it, and finally you can use it.  [Side Note:  There is a small general store on the peninsula where you can purchase small items such as water, vegetables, meat, bread, wine, and beer]  This, above, is the shower.  Yes, that is right, it is a rusty old bucket with a string to dump water on you (oh, and it’s almost directly over the toilette bowl).  No need to worry, we didn’t take showers.


This place had the best fish sandwiches – delicious bread stacked with breaded fish, fried egg, ham, lettuce, tomato and cheese (hold the cheese for me!)


There are sea lion colonies all along the coast.  The Spanish term is “Lobo” meaning Sea Wolf.


You can walk right up to them – they seemed to be all tuckered out from swimming to shore, so I was able to get pretty close to these guys without making them angry.  Side Note: Some don’t always make it across the choppy waters and wash up dead on the beach…morbid, I know, but it’s just a fact of life.


The beach and dunes were an awesome juxtaposition – one like I’ve never seen before.

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~ by Hilary Walsh on January 14, 2013.

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  1. Nice trip!!!!

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