On Becoming a Hood Ornament.

Certain events in life change our perspective on how we look at the world.  Whether it be a tragedy, a blissful experience or just an ordinary walk through the park in which you have some internal epiphany.  Regardless, these events shape who we ultimately become and how we coexist on this planet.  These events can also inspire or humble us.

Last week I was hit by a car while walking my dog on our early morning stroll.  We were crossing at a crosswalk and a car was turning and ran into us – he didn’t stop or hit the brakes even when I was on top of his hood.  The dog was still attached to my wrist while I was banging on the hood of the car yelling for the driver to stop.  As the car took the turn I rolled off the hood into the intersection.  Bentley, who was still attached to my wrist and caused me to later have a very sore arm socket, was incredibly freaked out so he started to run away; I had no choice but to get dragged behind my sprinting dog.  I saw a light pole ahead so I split the pole with him in order to stop us and try to calm him down.  We walked home.

I reported the hit and run when I returned home.  Not a single person stopped to see if we were okay…not one single person.  Of all things this struck me as the most surprising commentary on our lives; everyone is too wrapped up in the next meeting or being late for work or checking their email or whatever else they may be doing that they cannot stop to see if a girl and her dog, who were just hit by a car that drove off, are okay.  It made me rethink many things about my own life and about how I am so fixated on my next move or my weekend plans or what I am doing in six months that I often forget to stop and just live in the moment.

Your life can change or disappear in an instant.  Recent events that have made national news have further hit this home.  I’ve been struggling with the direction of my life for quite some time, hence the feminist rant, and becoming a real-life raggedy Anne has made me really think about what I am doing with my life, where I am, where I am going, how to live my life and all that comes with having a quarter-life crisis.  While I stress over this detail I am incredibly lucky to have a support system that is there for me no matter what (my dad flew up to help me drive back to Florida for the holidays, my roommates chauffeured me around so I didn’t stress my body out, and work was incredibly forgiving for missing a couple days to recover).

The accident comes at a time when I have three weeks off of work.  I took a week off to go visit a friend in Uruguay and then my company shuts down for a two week period over the holidays.  During the three weeks I will evaluate everything and put things into perspective.  Doing what makes me happiest is the most important thing right now.  There will always be challenges and bumps in the road but this is one of those experiences that makes you question everything, be thankful for your life and everyone in it and reevaluate what’s important.  I will be doing just that over the next couple of weeks.

This post morphed into something completely different than what I wanted to write but I guess that is the beauty of writing.  I struggled with even posting about the accident because the relationship between blogging/privacy/personal can often times be blurred.  However, life isn’t always delicious cookies and beer festivals and it’s okay to write about the traumatic times too.

Thanks for reading!


~ by Hilary Walsh on December 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “On Becoming a Hood Ornament.”

  1. I am glad neither of you were seriously hurt, but sorry that you were. Saddened no one stopped to help… I love you & Bentley … big hugs…

  2. What Auntie said…Love you, Gram

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