Nor’Easter vs. Florida Girl.

After a devastating hurricane that recently demolished the tri-state area, we were hit with another gift from Mother Nature – a snowy, blistering winter-wonderland of a nor’easter.  Thankfully our house was, again, unscathed.  We were hit with a white blast of fluffy goodness; I was ill-prepared not concerned about the timing of the storm because I decided to wear a certain pair of heels yesterday.  To my dismay, I walked out of work to the snowy scene above with no ice scraper in my car, a pair of ridiculously wrong snow heels (if there is such a thing), no gloves and what I would soon learn to be a 2 hour drive home going 10mph on the highway having never driven in snow before.  #floridagirlproblems <– yep, I just used a hash tag.

Needless to say when I got home I poured myself a well deserved glass of Pinot Noir and made myself a big, fat, juicy burger!  My body was tense from white-knuckling the steering wheel at 10 and 2 the whole way home making sure to stay in the slow lane, even though the entire highway resembled a giant slushy moving walkway.

It was Bentley’s first snowstorm and he LOVED the snow.  I took him out and throw snowballs up in the air while he caught them and dug through the snow looking for whatever dogs endlessly search for as if they are Christopher Columbus seeking out some undiscovered land.  My roommates, who adore him, bundled him up under the blankets to which he then proceeded to pass out immediately!

This morning it was a picturesque scene of snow which I fortunately did not have to shovel.  I live with boys who are more than willing to lace up their boots, throw on a cozy hat and dig us out.  Thanks, boys!

I hope everyone out there is safe and warm.

~ by Hilary Walsh on November 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Nor’Easter vs. Florida Girl.”

  1. As long as you are safe I think it’s time to dig out the boots…although the temp is going to 50-65 over the weekend!!! Now you know – Always carry a snow scraper, boots and gloves in the car – and maybe sand!

  2. So jealous about the snow! I wish we’d get some here already. I love how trees look when they’re coated in snow.

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