A Passion for Politics.

I must say, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I have unexpectedly changed jobs, commuted via Grand Central Terminal to Connecticut (as shown above), uprooted my life in order to move to Connecticut, rented a car (until I can figure out how to get mine to the great state of CT) and started working on the campaign trail!

Disclaimer: None of the text in the picture relates to the campaign. The text is from my personal journal. The photo above is strictly a visual image of my blackberry (provided by the campaign) as well as a ‘Linda’ pen, which we routinely give out to the general public, that I use daily to write.

To me, politics is where my heart is and when I was presented the opportunity to join a US Senate campaign in Connecticut I just could not say no. Life will be hectic for the next six months (if you’ve ever worked on a campaign you know what I am talking about) and I will do my best to keep everyone updated but I am truly excited to start this new adventure in my life.

For the next week or so this is how I will be zipping around Connecticut.

This is my new backyard. A drastic change from my Manhattan apartment. I am excited to have fresh air and grass between my toes.

I won’t speak about the campaign on here but I will update you on general life happenings like CrossFit (definitely NOT giving this up), cooking and eating healthy. The way too often expressed “Life gets in the way” or “I’m too busy” to eat healthy will not happen here.

Wish me luck and see you on the other side…in November!


~ by Hilary Walsh on May 8, 2012.

One Response to “A Passion for Politics.”

  1. You go for it! Love you, Cita

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