The Do Nothing/Everything Weekend.

Sometimes you have those weekends where you do nothing yet at the same time you do everything – I had one of those weekends. Friday was my birthday so I woke up at 6 am to do the WOD at my CrossFit box (because normal people do this all the time).

It was a difficult WOD for me because I am still having a difficult time getting myself under/getting my elbows out fast enough on my power cleans.

I still managed to do the 21-15-9 Power Clean and Box Jumps WOD in 8 minutes : 13 seconds at 6:30 in the morning.

On my way home I treated myself to a freshly juiced concoction of apples, spinach and papaya – so good!

That night a bunch of us went to the East Village outpost of Spice, an inexpensive Thai restaurant. I was disappointed with the seating arrangement they gave us – I reserved a table for 12 people (there ended up being 13 of us) but the restaurant gave us a space that was meant for about 8 people, 10 people when you put a couple on either end. Anyway, we were a bit cramped to say the least. The food was good but the company was great.

Saturday I had brunch at MudSpot (one of my favorite brunch places in the city, hands down) with Larissa and Zach, who stayed at my place on Friday night. I had Mud (their term for coffee), fresh squeezed OJ, home fries, toast and an omelet with bacon and caramelized onion. So. Delicious. After brunch we went to Washington Square Park to soak up some sun where we happened to come across street performers.

After seeing off Larissa and Zach to the bus back to Philly, I made a few calls for work and went grocery shopping for the week. I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Union Square outdoor market – which I did not know started back up for the summer but am very excited now that I know it is back in action.

While there were not too many fruit/veggies vendors yet, it was nice to stroll through and look at flowers and other little goodies.

So all of that was Saturday.

Sunday, after passing out around 10:15 pm on Saturday night, I woke up early to go to CrossFit where we did “The Bear.” And it was a beast. We had to do a gymnastics warm up of 3 rounds of a 20-second handstand, 5 push ups, 10-second frog hold (crow pose for all you yogis out there); 3 rounds of 10 overhead squats with a PVC pipe and 10 kettle bell squats with a 16kg KB. That was the warm up. The Bear is a “Clean, front squat, push press, lower behind the neck, back squat, push press from behind the neck and lower to the floor. That’s one rep. Start with 3 reps on an empty bar. If you complete all three, add ten pounds and do it again. Then ten more.” Continue until you’ve maxed out what you can physically do.

I made it through three weight increases (four different bars), ending with a total bear of 63 pounds. My last round (the 63 pounder) I had to rest before completing the last go-through.

I went home and made two eggs-over-easy placed atop two pieces of honey oat bread with a side of sausage, cantaloupe and coffee. Post-breakfast I hopped on the train to Stamford to get some actual work done. Oh by the way, I started a new job last week. I will do a separate update in another post this week, but the short version of it is I am working much longer hours and back in the industry I love – I am also very happy.

After a rainy day in Stamford and Monroe, CT, I came home to eat and crash (after watching The Good Wife, of course). Today, I picked up my rental car and tried to secure some housing. This week is full of work events but with my new Metro-North commute to South Norwalk every day, I should be able to update you on my new job and the limbo that is my living situation right now.

That was my super busy ‘do nothing’ weekend. What I didn’t accomplish was figuring out how to get my car up here, finding a place to live in CT, packing my room up, didn’t finish a couple of things for work and I certainly did not relax, but I had a great weekend so it’s all good!


~ by Hilary Walsh on April 23, 2012.

One Response to “The Do Nothing/Everything Weekend.”

  1. You have been hanging with Aunt Dawn – I can tell – “It’s all good” LOL Love you, Gram
    Congrats on the new job!!!

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