Jersey Shore.

Happy Easter Sunday!

As it is late, I am going to keep this short and sweet with lots of photos. This weekend I headed to Jersey to stay with a friend and her husband. We had plans to go to the Levon Helm concert in Montclair on Friday night but it was postponed (for the second time) so we headed to Red Bank for a drink.

Saturday was perfect! I woke up and made coffee and had Extra-Crunchy Peanut Butter Toast for breakfast. We took a walk on the beach. After the beach we went and got massages and then headed to Target (YAY!) before going to a delicious mexican dinner in Red Bank.

I have never before seen such a large live horseshoe crab. Check out his creepy-crawler claws trying to protect himself (for the record we moved him from the dry sand to the water).

You could see Manhattan in the distance and it was so nice to be so close to the city but without any of the noise or pollution.

More to come on the 100-year-old Army Base/Barracks we visited after the beach and the two awesome pets I got to hang with this weekend. I was really glad I brought my fancy camera because I was able to take some actual photographs, which was nice to be able to do again.

Have a great Monday!


~ by Hilary Walsh on April 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Jersey Shore.”

  1. i love that last pic of you hil! ❤

  2. Fun!!! Love you..

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos! Thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time!

  4. Way to go Hil, all good. Did you know Dave was born in Red Bank. Growing up we went to Sandy Hook all the time. Ray & I rode our bikes from Nutley to the Hook and camped

    • That’s awesome! We ate at Carlos’ in Red Bank and went to the Dublin House, such a cool place with lots of history. I had no idea Dave was born in Red Bank.

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