Zucchini Fritters.

Zucchini fritters are super simple to make and are balanced with protein, veggies and carbs (eggs, lots of zucchini and a little potato). They are pretty filling so I ate these as a full meal. Oh and did I mention how easy they are to make? I got the idea to make Zucchini Fritters here, but slightly altered the recipe based on what I had in my kitchen.

2 Large Zucchini – grated
1 Medium/Large Potato – uncooked, peeled and grated
2 Medium Eggs
1/8 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp Chives
Salt and Pepper
Dash of Red Pepper Flakes


– Grate the Zucchini and Potato; let dry for 45 minutes by leaving in a colander and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

– After 45 minutes or so, squeeze dry with a paper towel to get ride of any remaining moisture. [I have to say, the mixture was very wet and I had a hard time getting all the moisture out…my impatience won this battle]

– Separately mix eggs, chives, lemon juice and a dash of red pepper flakes; stir in veggies. (I added a little extra salt and pepper at this step as well, but it just depends on your own taste)
– Preheat oven to 350 degrees F to keep warm (I omitted this step because the fritters didn’t have a chance to make it to the oven to keep warm).

– Pan-fry fritters in olive oil for 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

– Remove from pan, place on paper towel on oven safe plate/sheet and put in oven. (Again, I omitted this step)



~ by Hilary Walsh on March 23, 2012.

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