Falling (or Springing) in Love.

*Pardon the iPhone photos – I didn’t have my camera with me.

One of the very first things I fell in love with about New York was the ability to socialize on the streets, literally people pour out onto the concrete streets on a beautiful Spring day. Sitting with friends watching people pass by while casually sipping a glass of wine after work. Hanging out on a balcony at the Seaport. Standing inside at happy hour while the entire front windows of a bar are open, feeling the brisk Spring air while chatting away. Are you in love yet? It didn’t take me long to become completely smitten! But what I am really talking about is the convenience of being able to take an elevator 30 floors up to sit on a rooftop and gab away over a glass of wine and lite bites while staring at the Chrysler building!

Now that Spring has officially sprung (yes, so weird because it is still March), it’s outdoor happy hour season! And I love it! Last night I met my roommate at the Kimberly Hotel for a glass of wine to catch up while overlooking this little beauty. While one glass of wine was more expensive than a bottle, it was totally worth sitting out (well, under a glass covered roof) in what was supposed to be the 70-something degree weather! The two days prior were absolutely beautiful, but for some reason Wednesday was a smidge cooler and quite foggy. Ah the sign of Spring – I’ll take it!

Afterwards, we went for dinner at Sophia Wine Bar in Midtown – a quaint and wonderfully tucked away place to share a prosciutto and Arugula Pizza (no cheese). The wait staff was superb and the place was packed. I love when you go to such an intimate restaurant that you don’t have just one dedicated server but instead the entire staff helps out and checks in on you. Plus, we couldn’t decide between two wines so they let us taste each to see which we preferred. A definite date spot.

Oh and my beginner CrossFit class officially ends tonight…it’s time for the real work to begin. Be on the lookout for an “Elements” Recap soon.


~ by Hilary Walsh on March 22, 2012.

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